Vencon Research is the go-to partner for compensation know-how in the consulting industry. We specialise in compensation data, performance metrics, and the design and development of concepts, models and tools for human resources management.

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We specialize in human resources consulting with a focus on rewards, compensation and job design, as well as on performance appraisal systems. Based on our expertise and in-depth analysis we focus only on clients in professional services (e.g. consulting, investment banking, IT and law).

  • We are dedicated to creating impactful and customised concepts and solutions founded upon our in-depth industry insights and expertise.
  • Our solutions are always “custom-made” considering all stakeholders’ inputs and interests.
  • In our work we always strive to create innovative but manageable and implementable solutions that are backed by all stakeholders.
  • We partner with our clients to achieve competitive advantage by assisting them in attracting and keeping the best talent.
  • Our consulting work is offered with a full satisfaction-based guarantee.
Pay recommendations report for consultants and partners

Pay Recommendations: Strategic Compensation Management

Vencon Research introduces Pay Recommendations, an enhancement to our compensation benchmark reports, offering strategic guidance tailored for consultants and partners. Our reports take into account location and service line dynamics and provide comprehensive recommendations for compensation elements like Total Cash Compensation, Basic Salary, Target Bonus, and Allowances, enabling informed decisions and strategic workforce planning.

Excellence in Human Resources Consulting

Our consulting focus is on Partners’ and Consultants’ compensation for major international consulting, IT, full-service as well as boutique firms.
Examples of recent consulting projects conducted by Vencon Research:

Partners at consulting firms
Compensation Models
  • Development of a total rewards strategy for a European IT/strategy consulting company
  • Development of “Country coefficients” for partners for a European strategy consulting company
  • Design of Pay suggestions for C-Suite positions for a large US-based management and IT consulting company
  • Review and conceptual re-design of equity/participation model of a leading Europe-based consulting company
  • Design of a total remuneration package for the CEO of a Middle East-based strategy consulting company
  • Development of a Variable pay/Bonus structure for an M&A Advisory of a large Eastern European full-service operations consulting company
  • Development of Pay recommendations for Consultants and Partners for dozens of management, IT and ‘pure’ strategy consulting firms globally
Design of Job and Career Structure
  • Conceptual job design enhancements for technical roles at a leading US strategy consulting company
  • Review and appraisal of career structure of a large US-based management consulting company
  • Design of a career structure and separate career tracks for tech roles at a large European consulting company
Other Projects
  • Development of a consistent Partner compensation and KPI model across multiple country locations
  • Design of a new “Partnership Model“ for a US-based boutique strategy consulting firm
  • A quantitative and qualitative analysis of “Employer Attractiveness” for a large US-based full-service operations consulting company

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