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Our Partner Compensation report is in-depth and detailed, presenting a range of vital data in a manner that is accessible, intuitive and which facilitates decision-making at the strategic level.

Our partner compensation benchmarking and analysis package comprises three volumes of research. The first is a country-specific report which positions local practices amongst a target reference group and the remaining two volumes cover global trends. The reports all include:

Remuneration Comparison – presented in a series of comparative graphs, including target and actual compensation, and extending to include detail on equity and partnership purchase; equity valuation and disposal; and deferred awards, including profit share.

Background Data Tables – presented on a per-country basis, to present target and actual compensation structures for 3-6 levels of Partner. This includes details on base, draw, bonus, dividend, pension and other income. Firm performance data is one of two global reports and benchmarks key performance measures and ratios where quantifiable characteristics of participant firms can be assessed, including revenue targets and staffing ratios.

Firm confidentiality is maintained, in line with our research best practices. The raw data is presented in Excel format to allow onward analysis and modelling as required on an individual basis. Research includes information covering the nature of performance assessment criteria; grade promotion factors; partner grade responsibility and scope; and performance management approaches. We can also provide additional data analysis to suit your specific requirements. All of our reports are detailed, easy to read and provide an instant ‘road map’ for action.

Benchmarking Data that Works

In order to make informed decisions about compensation packages in your field, you need the latest data at
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