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Our Consultant Benefits Survey complements our Consultant Salary Survey, presenting details of all non-cash compensation elements for up to 12 competing firms in your country. We work hard to define competitor groups carefully and accurately, thereby maximising the value of benchmarking and ensuring that the resulting research is as targeted as possible for your firm.

Vencon Research's Benefits Survey includes three principal sections:

  1. A succinct overview of the range and requirements of the in-country statutory benefits, including the latest cost parameters for both employers and employees, where applicable. This section identifies where firms have legal obligations to provide employment-related benefits such as sickness, maternity, pension and paid holiday. It also details insurance provisions.
  2. The main body of the report then details benefit structures. It provides data grouped into 9 primary categories, and 40 supporting categories. Hard benefits cover quantifiable elements such as pension plans, insurances, investment programmes, car schemes and smartphone provision. Soft benefits data includes professional development and lifestyle elements. These can include benefits as diverse as in-house subsidised catering, travel benefits and enhanced or flexible family-friendly benefits.Each of these elements is scored subjectively against the comparator group to determine where best, typical and sub-standard practices sit within your reference competitors.
  3. Finally, a comprehensive overview is included, showing how each firm scores directly against its comparator group. This allows your decision-makers to rapidly identify standard benefit practices amongst competitor consultancies, and to assess which competitors have the best (and worst) benefits packages. Our method of comparison assists you in determining any immediate steps that may be taken to improve your ranking. Once again, each element is subjectively scored against the standards of the comparator group to determine best, typical and sub-standard practice for that pool of consulting firms.

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