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Partner Compensation Survey 2023

Our Partner Compensation Survey is a comprehensive benchmarking study that delves into the intricacies of remuneration and pay packages for high-level talent at international management consulting firms.


The partner net-worth model:

Current and Deferred

At Vencon Research, we understand the evolving landscape of partner compensation in the management consulting industry. Our reports encompass all components of partner compensation, including current income and deferred income. These components provide a holistic view of a partner's financial structure.
Components of partner remuneration and pay

Partner Levels and Sublevels

We've simplified the complex partner hierarchy into three main levels. We explore the criteria for transitioning between these levels: role, responsibilities, sales revenue, delivery revenue, leadership, knowledge, and practice-building success.
levels and sub-levels of partners at consulting firms
human resources data

First-sourced Data

Comprehensive HR-data sourced directly from reputable firms and organizations.
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Graphic Visualisation

Visual representations with graphs and charts for easy interpretation.

Privacy Guaranteed

Confidentiality ensured to protect participating firms' data.

A full spectrum of reports:

Remuneration Benchmarking

Report I provides a tabular comparison of current and deferred income and detailed analyses of remuneration packages. All pay and remuneration components are presented for both the previous and the current year.

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Illustrative data only.

Compensation Structures

Reports II & III dive deep into the structure of compensation, with Report II being country-specific and Report III a global overview.

partner compensation survey background issues sample
Illustrative data only.

Performance Factors

Report IV analyses influencing background parameters for Partners, such as target firm revenue, individual sales revenue, incumbent structures, and more.

partner compensation survey target revenues view
Illustrative data only.

Data for Decision Makers

Vencon Research's Partner Survey is designed to allow participating clients to establish the competitiveness of their Partners’ and Vice Presidents’ total remuneration packages. The reports are client-specific, providing a comparison of the client's data to the market, including compa-ratios and market positioning.

Executive Summary & Detailed Analysis

The Partner Survey includes an executive summary that serves as a concise and high-level overview of the key findings, insights, and recommendations. The accompanying analysis in the report is in-depth and detailed, presenting a range of vital data in a manner that is accessible, intuitive and which facilitates decision-making at the strategic level.

Partner Job Matching Framework

We have developed a detailed framework for understanding and aligning Partner levels within the organization. It evaluates the roles, responsibilities, and key parameters such as revenue generation required of Partners at each level. It also takes into consideration the additional important context of size and scope, key metrics, type, and level structure of each firm.

Consulting & Bespoke Analyses

We offer additional customized analyses based on your specific needs, ensuring you get the insights you require. Our consulting services can provide directional recommendations on adapting your current remuneration package, ensuring you stay competitive in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gain insights into the Partner Compensation Survey's scope and how it facilitates meaningful comparisons.

What topics are covered?

Report I: Tabular comparison of current and deferred cash and other remuneration (target and achieved), detailed analyses of remuneration offerings.
Reports II + III: Answers to questions such as variable pay calculations, base salary levels, and the structure of Partners' vested income. Note: Report II is country-specific, while Report III is a global report.
Report IV: Comparison of influencing background parameters for Partners, including target firm revenue, individual target sales revenue, incumbent structures and partner remuneration.

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What countries are surveyed?

Our partner remuneration reports cover over 40 countries worldwide. Reports can be purchased individually, and bespoke country reports are available upon request.

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What firms are surveyed?

Our survey includes over 50 major consulting firms, allowing for grouping or segmenting of participants into firm "types" to increase relevance.

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Where does the pay data come from?

Report data is sourced via key senior contacts (HR Managers / Partners) of the firms participating in the respective surveys. Vencon Research International actively work with key senior contacts in participating firms to define, quantify and qualify the data included. We work with the relevant local or national HR Managers / senior administrators / Partners and/or their global equivalents.

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How is confidentiality guaranteed?

All data supplied to us is treated as strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will contact names be communicated to any third party. Furthermore, although Vencon Research International does present a list of the firms included in the surveys, actual, firm-specific results are made anonymous; the companies compared are presented simply as Firms 1, 2, etc. To ensure complete confidentiality for all participants, Vencon Research is prepared to sign any relevant confidentiality agreements.

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How and when is delivery of reports undertaken?

We produce our reports annually, typically completed for the start of November, with delivery arranged within 8 to 12 weeks upon request. Your satisfaction is our priority, and all reports come with a money-back guarantee.

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