Download: APAC Consulting Market HR Brief Series

Key HR indicators for the consulting industry

This collection of market statistics briefs highlights key consulting market statistics across six countries in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region: Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. It offers insights into various key factors, such as the highest paying lines of businesses, market growth, starting salaries, career progression, and market pay level.

Notable highlights across APAC countries

  • The year-on-year market headcount increase across these six countries ranged from 5% to 10%, with “Energy, Environment,     Sustainability Consulting” and “Risk Advisory Services” lines of businesses witnessing the largest growth.
  • The average time required to progress from analyst level to partner level ranged from 24 to 28.5 years, with China having the fastest track.
  • “Strategy-Oriented Management Consulting” was one of the highest-paid lines of business.
  • Japan had the highest bonuses (relative to fixed salary) across LOBs and levels (18% median and 43% maximum) and Australia the lowest (10% median and 28% maximum).

The sheets also present median salaries for all Vencon Research career levels as percentages of basic salaries paid in the United States. Out of the six countries presented here, consultants in Australia and Singapore were paid the highest, ranging from 50% to 75%, while those in India were paid the least, ranging from 13% to 38%.

For more insights download the full APAC series below.

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