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Consultant Salary Survey 2024

Our comprehensive report is your gateway to understanding compensation and pay trends, career progression, and key industry benchmarks.


Four steps to accurate benchmarking:

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Include only the most appropriate competitors

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Choose the most applicable line of business

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Complete accurate job matching

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Compare relevant components of remuneration

Global Reach

Our surveys span over 75 different markets, covering countries and cities worldwide. Whether you're benchmarking for New York, London, Tokyo, or emerging markets, our data is tailored to your location.

Participants in our surveys are global IT, operations, and strategy firms as well as local niche and boutique consultancies.
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All Remuneration Components

Detailed analysis of compensation components, including basic or base salary, bonuses, and more.
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human resources data

First-sourced Data

Comprehensive HR-data sourced directly from reputable firms and organizations.
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Graphic Visualisation

Visual representations with graphs and charts for easy interpretation.

Privacy Guaranteed

Confidentiality ensured to protect participating firms' data.
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Our Benchmarking Process

Fully Personalised Service

Our surveys are fully customised by the client. Allowing you to determine geographic market, line of business and participant firms.

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Accurate Job Matching

We take pride in our precise job matching methodology. We don't just look at job titles; we delve deep into the responsibilities and roles within consulting firms to ensure the most accurate comparisons and insights.

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Global Reach

Our surveys span over 75 different markets, covering countries and cities worldwide. Whether you're benchmarking for New York, London, Tokyo, or emerging markets, our data is tailored to your location.

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Industry Trust

Trusted by all major global and local consultant firms, our clients include the industry giants and boutique firms. Their faith in our data underscores its reliability and relevance.

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the data you need at your fingertips

Report Features

Additional PDF with the Latest 'Hot Topics'

Discover valuable insights beyond the Excel sheets with our accompanying PDF. This resource provides a holistic view of the salary survey results and essential employment practices among participating firms, including starting salaries, internships, career length and progression, and overtime policies.

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Customisable Statistical Analysis & Budget Simulation

Survey results are presented in both firm and incumbent weighted formats, and allow the choosing of target percentiles on a per-level basis. The resulting increase or decrease in payroll budget across level or entire workforce can easily be simulated.

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Excel Sheets & Interactive Dashboard

Access the full data set in an Excel workbook for local analysis. Separate tabs cover each remuneration component, alongside total compensation for current and previous year, all broken down into career levels and sublevels.
Visualise data instantly with the interactive dashboard.

Download the full Sample Salary Survey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gain insights into the Consultant Salary Survey's scope, covered career levels, and how it facilitates meaningful comparisons.

What topics are covered?

The major topics surveyed and presented, as well as differentiated per career level include:

  • Fixed or gross basic salary
  • Variable (or fixed) bonuses
  • Total actual compensation
  • Total “Cost to Company”

Further analysis presented includes:

  • Career progression, i.e., average time spent at each level, as well as fast-track and slow track figures
  • MBA starting salaries, sign-on bonuses, overtime, internships, referral incentives, etc.
  • Where data is available: gender pay differences, utilisation targets, expected salary increases
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What countries are surveyed?

Vencon Research International surveys over 70 countries throughout the world; additional bespoke country reports can be ordered if desired. Depending on the market, city specific reports are also available.

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What firms are surveyed?

Our data gathering team is constantly expanding the coverage of our surveys, inviting participation from major international to local boutique consulting firms in lines of business from strategy to IT (information technology) and niche sectors. Our clients specify and select the firms to be included in the reports (assuming this data is available), as long as each report includes 5 or more firms.

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What lines of business are covered?

Vencon Research Salary Surveys offer a selection of almost 40 different data cuts for the analyses to be completed, based on major business lines.

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Where does the pay data come from?

Report data is sourced via key senior contacts (HR Managers / Partners) of the firms participating in the respective surveys. Vencon Research International actively work with key senior contacts in participating firms to define, quantify and qualify the data included. We work with the relevant local or national HR Managers / senior administrators / Partners and/or their global equivalents.

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How is confidentiality guaranteed?

All data supplied to us is treated as strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will contact names be communicated to any third party. Furthermore, although Vencon Research International does present a list of the firms included in the surveys, actual, firm-specific results are made anonymous; the companies compared are presented simply as Firms 1, 2, etc. To ensure complete confidentiality for all participants, Vencon Research is prepared to sign any relevant confidentiality agreements.

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What are the USPs of our surveys?

The Vencon Research International Consultant Salary Surveys offer participants:

  • A detailed summary of the size and range of the cash compensation packages currently offered in the industry on a per-player and per-country basis;
  • A comparative study which allows the in-depth benchmarking of the cash-based compensation benefits offered by the industry across all major players and across the countries surveyed;
  • A comprehensive tool for current recruiting efforts (especially at the MBA level) and future compensation planning;
  • A feedback session for participants that allows an in-depth discussion of the results.
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How and when is delivery of reports undertaken?

Data gathering is completed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Client-specific delivery dates can be arranged.

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