Total Rewards Strategy

We analyse your organization’s culture, market positioning, and expectations to develop a strategy aligned with business goals.

Total Rewards Strategy Development

Combining monetary and non-monetary elements

Developing a total rewards strategy goes beyond basic compensation. It involves the holistic design of a comprehensive package that combines monetary and non-monetary elements to attract, retain and motivate your employees.

Our experts analyse your organisation's culture, market positioning and expectations – from both the employer and employee perspective – to create a strategy that resonates and aligns with your business objectives.

How we developed a focused total rewards strategy for a European IT/strategy consulting firm

Case Study

The client had set itself the ambitious goal of achieving a significant increase in revenue within five years. This growth target was particularly dependent on external business expansion through the integration of external consulting companies. The total rewards strategy developed by Vencon Research was intended to reflect and support this path.


Challenges posed by the ambitious growth target:

  • Managing complexities of compensation formulation and scaling.
  • Redefining roles, responsibilities, and tasks of revenue-generating workforce.
  • Introducing compensation structures aligned with market standards.


  • Challenges impact critical dimensions:
  • Workforce dynamics
  • Company culture
  • Integration of external units
  • Impact on client’s growth trajectory.


Vencon Research's Total Rewards Strategy:

  • Encompassed all relevant reward elements.
  • Focused on business, financial, and talent needs.
  • Tailored reward structures to industry benchmarks.
  • Encouraged retention, motivated employees, and contributed to client’s success.
  • Assessed each reward component for alignment with business and growth goals.

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