A major player in our own right

Our client list includes 85% of the world’s major management consulting firms, from world-wide consultancies to leading in-country boutique agencies. We deliver compensation reports to clients in over 70 countries and benchmark the major consulting geographies for over 75 countries.

The data that decision-makers rely upon

Our reports provide remuneration data for over 30 lines of business within the consulting industry, covering consultant remuneration, Administration and Support Staff and Partner/VP compensation structures (a 4 volume report). They include the size and range of cash compensation (target and actual), in addition to non-cash benefits.

Flexible, value-added reporting solutions

Additional data analysis can be provided at your request. This may include, for example, market positioning and remuneration timeline reports, or a “Family Friendly Working Policies” analysis. All of our reports are detailed, easy to read, and provide an instant ‘road map’ for action.